Susty Partyin’

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Whenever we found out that our favorite eco ladypreneneurs Emily Doubilet and her partner Jessica Holsey of Susty Party were jumping into ABC’s Shark Tank to swim with the sharks last week, we knew we had to support the ladies with a susty style shindig. We called for reinforcements: gal pals Danasia Fantastic of TheUrbanRealist, Megan Elliot of Lush to Blush, and Lindsay Shoemake of That Working Girl, local eats from Garnish & Gather, sips from NYC ladypreneurs Owl’s Brew, sustainable party supplies from Susty Party and Pinterest for a course in charcuterie tray-making and appetizers of the healthy persuasion.

Wanna party like us? Learn to roast veggies here, make a mean Owl’s Brew Summer Sangria here, create our zucchini and sun-dried tomato appetizer here, explore Pinterest for charcuterie options and don’t forget to order your eco-friendly party supplies from Susty Party! Use code “shark” for 10% off!

Read about the ladies’ Shark Tank journey on the Susty Party blog.



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