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Packing Your Carry-On in Style

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When it comes to packing light, it’s safe to say that most ladies face more than a few challenges. From making sure you have the right daytime and nighttime outfits to hauling all of our makeup, hair styling tools and accessories, the thought of being limited to a single carry-on can seem daunting. However, it’s doable!

Whether you’ll be gone for a week or you’re just skipping town for a weekend getaway, below are three helpful tips for packing your most functional, efficient and stylish carry-on yet.

Be selective

Sure, it would be simple to say, “Take only the things you need!” but it’s much easier said than done. A few nights before your trip, take inventory of your vacation essentials – if you’re going on a cruise you’ll definitely want to bring a few bikinis along for the ride, but tennis shoes? Maybe not so much. Keeping your final destination in mind will make it that much easier to pack light and minimize clutter. Another helpful tip? Consider buying some items that you would’ve packed once you reach your destination. When I travel, I typically skip bringing liquids (perfume, mouthwash, etc.) altogether because it’s a pain to stow them away in my bag, so I buy those small toiletries once I land.

Roll with it

One of the easiest ways to free up room in your carry-on is by rolling up your clothing! Rather than folding, roll your soft, smaller items like underwear, T-shirts and leggings, and you’ll be amazed at how much space you’ll save. It’s also worth noting that shoes can take up a ton of space in a carry-on, but you can also roll up Tieks! These chic flats are completely versatile and comfortable, perfect for a day of walking around town while sightseeing. When you’re ready to wear something else, simply roll them up and stick them back in your carry-on.

Keep electronics separate

One last way to reduce clutter in your carry-on is by keeping most of your electronics in your purse. Personally, I travel with my iPhone, iPad and MacBook, all of which fit perfectly in my large purse. Not only does keeping these items with me make it that much easier to get work done on the plane while flying, but it also allows me more space for clothing, makeup and souvenirs in my bag!

Lindsay Shoemake

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