Ladypreneur League Atlanta Membership

Did you know that Ladypreneur League is made with love in ATL? If you’re around town, come gel with us. We’re hellbent on creating a thriving community of women entrepreneurs invested in supporting each other’s successes and forming bonds through collaboration. Through our online community and fruitful workshops and events, our goal is to uplift and inspire women living the ladypreneur lifestyle and those looking to join the hustle.

Ladypreneurs in Action

With Ladypreneur League // Atlanta membership you’ll enjoy:

  • Access to the private LL // ATL Facebook group
  • Access to LL // ATL member newsletter
  • First dibbs and discounts on future events and workshops
  • Access to invite-only LL member events
  • Ability to submit event or workshop requests
  • LL online perks such as member giveaways, shop discounts, access to our library of ladypreneur printables, worksheets, etc.
  • LL // ATL membership card that gets you exclusive discounts at LL-approved ATL businesses.

Cost: $40/yearApply

Membership is non-refundable and could be revoked at any time.