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How to Style Your Home Office

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Whether you work from home or tend to your side hustle after hours, having a functional and fabulous home office is key to attaining ultimate productivity levels and satisfaction during your work day. We all can’t afford a souped-up home office with all the bells and whistles, though – and that’s OK.

Below are a few quick and easy ways to set up your home office in style with all of the essentials, without breaking the bank or cluttering up your space.

Keep organization a priority

When setting up your home office, file cabinets, desk organizers and containers of various sizes will soon become your best friend. To deter falling into the bad habit of keeping loose papers and stay pens and pencils all over your work area, stick to a system of making sure every item you need has a certain place to live in your workspace. Poppin is a great affordable resource for home office organization products, and everything even comes color-coordinated! What’s not to love?

Get comfortable

As you’ll be spending hours a day in your new workspace, keep ergonomic design at the top of your mind when selecting a desk and chair for your office. Although it might be tempting to buy the $60 clearance desk chair that is kind-of comfortable, investing in an office chair that will encourage good posture is more important than you may think. Another popular option to consider? A standing desk!

Sit in a new direction

Studies have shown that positioning your desk to face outward into the room – rather than positioned facing a wall – instantly gets our creative juices flowing while working. Whatever the position of your desk, give it a test run before committing to a certain orientation to make sure it suits your work style.

Create an indoor garden

It’s never a bad idea to give yourself a little dose of nature during your workday, so consider topping off your new workspace with a small desk plant to keep you company. Worried about forgetting to water your plant on a regular basis? That’s what succulents are for! Air plants are also becoming trendy as of late, and require little to not maintenance – a huge sigh of relief for the ladies who don’t necessarily have a green thumb. Fast Company even claims that keeping a desk plant by your side will even boost your happiness!

Lindsay Shoemake

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