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Finding Free to Low-Cost Resources for Your Business

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I have a confession to make, ladies—I use a lot of four letter words. Uh, I know, it’s not very “lady like,” but what can I say? Sometimes, “&*#$” just really gets the point across. But of all of my favorite four letter words, one stands paramount among them all—FREE. Oh, yes, out of all the four letter words out there, ‘free’ holds a special place in my heart. But who doesn’t love to hear free, am I right ladies? And, when it comes to your business, saving moolah by leveraging free or discounted resources is not as hard as you may think. Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

My Own Business

Whether you’re starting out or trying to take your business to the next level, My Own Business can help. They offer free courses that help entrepreneurs start and succeed in their businesses. Pressed for time (aren’t we all?)? No worries! The courses can be done at your own pace, anywhere where you can access an internet connection.


I know that it’s 2015 and social media is the name of the game when it comes to making business connections, but good ol’ fashioned, face-to-face networking is never going to go out of style. Business cards can be kind of pricey, but VistaPrint is an affordable option to give you the tools you need to get out there and make some new business connects! With prices ranging from FREE for their economy version to $29 for specialty cards, you can design and perfect the business card that fits your ladypreneur needs.


Speaking of the digital age, SEO, link building, and social media should be at the top of your list of must-dos if you want to see your business’ website make it to the coveted first page of Google’s search results. This is no easy task, though, believe me, I know. That’s why larger corporations and agencies have entire teams dedicated to SEO and social media, but even if you don’t have the resources to hire additional staff to help you in your digital endeavors, you can become well-versed enough to improve your web presence and make those vital online connections, all on your own. MOZ will give you a 30-day free trial to dive in and learn everything you need to know—whether you’re a novice or have a background in SEO and social, MOZ has plenty for you to learn.


Invoicing your clients is easy and user-friendly with FreshBooks. It allows you to keep track of expenses, automate alerts for clients that have a hard time “remembering” to pay you, and run reporting such as expense and tax reports. They’ll give you a free 30-day trial to try it out and see if it works for your business.

Ladypreneur League (Duh!)

Shameless plug here, ladies, but Ladypreneur League just launched its brand spanking new online shop. You’ll be able to snag low-cost logos, biz cards, and guides to help you kick ass at running your business.

Some business expenses are unavoidable, so anytime you can find valuable, inexpensive and/or free resources, you better jump on that train, ladies!

Are there any other free or low-cost resources that you use to help you run your business? Share with your fellow ladypreneurs in the comments below!

Victoria Penn

Victoria Penn is a copywriter, blogger, social media strategist, and marketing enthusiast for a financial services company located in the city of Silver and Black (Go Spurs Go!). Born and raised in the Lone Star State, she has more than 6 years of marketing experience in the financial services industry and a passion for traveling, cheap red wine and good coffee. If you catch her on the weekends, she’s probably got her mini-me, Avery Maxine, in tow, going on a thrifting adventure or for a long trail run.

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