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Don’t Travel this Holiday Without the Carry On Cocktail Kit

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Moment of truth: I am 100 percent, totally afraid to fly. Yes. Girl Wander, although she loves to wander, hates the process of doing it. I require a two-drink minimum while on board and typically steer clear of the boozey stuff to go straight for the cheap red wine. Why? Because a.) vino makes me sleepy quickly and b.) my in-flight stress level and I cannot handle a watered down airline cocktail.

So imagine my pure joy at discovering the Carry on Cocktail Kit. A collaboration between the good folks at W&P Design and PUNCH, the kit provides everything needed to mix two proper Old Fashioned Cocktails at 30,000 feet (and you know two is my magic number!). Consider the kit your favorite mixologist in a tin – all you need to do is order a mini-bottle of bourbon and use the custom combination bar spoon/muddler to mix in the included cane sugar and small-batch bitters.

Oh, and if you’re worried about TSA encroaching on your good time, do not. The Carry On Cocktail Kit is A-OK to clear TSA.

Here’s to holiday travel while drunk, ladies. Cheers!

Porsha Thomas

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