About Ladypreneur League

Ladypreneur League is a social networking group, lifestyle platform and community for women entrepreneurs to mix, collab and create.

Our mission is to create a thriving community of women entrepreneurs invested in supporting each other’s successes and interested in collaborating to create new endeavors.

Our goal at Ladypreneur League is to uplift and to deliver non-stop inspiration to women living the ladypreneur lifestyle as well as those looking to join the hustle.

On the local level, Ladypreneur Leaguers meet at custom events with one purpose in mind: to mix, collaborate and create something new.

On the national level, we profile women entrepreneurs who are doing great things in their communities and we also provide business and personal tips/advice for ladypreneurs in need. Because we personally love fashion, technology and good food, we added a lifestyle element to our site that covers work style, gadgets, amazing workspaces and tasty food and drink recipes.

For those seeking a like-minded community of the ambitious and the pioneering, welcome to Ladypreneur League!

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